Help Community & Junior Colleges Have a Voice!

Following every national conference, there is at least one discussion about how under-represented the community college librarians were in the program. Even at ACRL, a conference centered on academic libraries, the community colleges seem a bit, well, absent. Part of the issue may be that sessions led by community college librarians simply aren’t strongly promoted as being targeted towards the CJCL audience. Rather, they are targeted towards the topics they cover–whether library instruction, distance learning, student outreach, etc.

Or, maybe it’s that we don’t submit as many presentation proposals because our travel pockets aren’t as deep?

Or, it could just be that we just simply don’t submit as many presentation proposals. Period.

Whatever the reason, let’s make sure that this year ACRl is flooded with presentation proposals from CJCL librarians! If your travel pockets are frayed & holey, investigate scholarships & professional grants to support your participation. If you’re nervous about presenting, team up with a colleague(s) to bolster your confidence at the podium. If you’ve submitted proposals that haven’t been accepted, follow these tips:

  • Read (& follow) the proposal guidelines carefully: 2017 ACRL Proposal Instructions
  • Also read “The Rules” & selection criteria: How to Submit
  • Check out the conference tags for inspiration: Conference Tags
  • Have a colleague proofread the proposal before you submit it. In addition to grammatical advice, ask him/her for suggestions to make it stand out (does it need more excitement, clarification, or evidence that it’s a current topic?).
  • Submit before the deadline: May 6, 2016. And then submit another one!

The best way to ensure that the voice of CJCL librarians is heard at next year’s conferences is by offering to open our own mouths. Good luck & happy submitting!


About Kathleen

I'm the Coordinator of Information Services at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, which means I'm the faculty liaison responsible for library instruction, the library's web presence, services for off-campus & distance students, collection development & management for all subject areas, and providing both f2f & virtual reference assistance. I don't get bored.
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