Student Mental Health on CC Campuses

I saw an article this morning on an issue near and dear to me: how mental health plays into retention at community colleges.  Beyond the scary issues that have led to banning a few patrons, I know I see several who struggle every semester with depression and anxiety and have seen far too many obituaries for students who have committed suicide. Part of the problem is that our campus has no on-site mental health services which limits our referral options to campus security, and that can be less than ideal for students who are already struggling. Has anyone tried working with any of the non-profit organizations listed in this article: Active MindsCampus Program, or Single Stop? I would love to hear about it, or about any other action your campus has taken to address these issues.

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2 Responses to Student Mental Health on CC Campuses

  1. Our campus site has a personal counselor two days out of the week. It’s something! I believe the main campus has someone available everyday, but I am not sure. Here is the webpage for counseling services: We do have something called Valley Crisis Center the college community is affiliated with, and they have locations in Merced and Los Banos, the cities where our college campuses are located. I keep handouts in the Library. I do wish we had more “self-help” kind of materials. That is something I should have looked at in my time at the community college, but I can make a note for my replacement.


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